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Darwin's Doubt and Intelligent Design - Collection 7
2024-05-15 21:10

Gilson & Lyon - From Aristotle to Darwin and Back Again; a Journey in Final Causality, Species, and Evolution (1971, 1984).pdf

Peacocke - Evolution; the Disguised Friend of Faith (2004).pdf

Taylor et al (Eds.) - Animal Locomotion; the Physics of Flying the Hydrodynamics of Swimming (2010).pdf

Leshem - Newton on Mathematics and Spiritual Purity (2003).pdf

Parker - Creation; the Story of the Origin and Evolution of the Universe (1988).pdf

Klinghoffer (Ed.) - Signature of Controversy; Responses to Critics of Signature in the Cell (2010).pdf

Hansell - Animal Architecture (2005).pdf

Brebbia (Ed.) - Design & Nature III; Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering (2006).pdf

Bolhuis & Everaert (Eds.) - Birdsong, Speech, and Language; Exploring the Evolution of Mind and Brain (2013).pdf

St Clair - Darwinism and Design; or, Creation by Evolution (1873).pdf

McGrath - Darwinism and the Divine; Evolutionary Thought and Natural Theology (2011).pdf

Johnson - Ask the Beasts; Darwin and the God of Love (2014).pdf

Yahya - The Miracle of the Spider (2001).pdf

Gould & Gould - Animal Architects; Building and the Evolution of Intelligence (2007).pdf

Lustig et al (Eds.) - Darwinian Heresies (2004).pdf

Ebifegha - The Darwinian Delusion; the Scientific Myth of Evolutionism (2009).pdf

Yahya - Consciousness in the Cell (2006).pdf

Sober - Did Darwin Write the Origin Backwards; Philosophical Essays on Darwin's Theory (2011).epub

Hanby - No God, No Science; Theology, Cosmology, Biology (2013).pdf

Binder & Smith (Eds.) - The Language Phenomenon; Human Communication from Milliseconds to Millennia (2013).pdf

Fitch - The Evolution of Language (2010).pdf

Yahya - The Miracle of the Honeybee (2007).pdf

Pinker - The Language Instinct; the New Science of Language and Mind (1994).pdf

Wallin et al (Eds.) - The Origins of Music (1999).pdf

Chomsky - Language and Mind, 3e (2006).pdf

Heyes & Huber (Eds.) - The Evolution of Cognition (2000).pdf

Trimble - The Soul in the Brain; the Cerebral Basis of Language, Art, and Belief (2007).pdf

Rolston - Three Big Bangs; Matter-Energy, Life, Mind (2010).epub

Bickerton - More Than Nature Needs; Language, Mind and Evolution (2014).pdf

Sterelny - Dawkins vs. Gould; Survival of the Fittest (2001).pdf

Ward - Why There Almost Certainly Is a God; Doubting Dawkins (2008).pdf

Newberg & Waldman - How God Changes Your Brain; Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist (2009).epub

Labat - The Song That I Am; On the Mystery of Music (2014).epub

Gould - Ever Since Darwin; Reflections on Natural History (1977).epub

Rose & Rose (Eds.) - Alas, Poor Darwin; Arguments Against Evolutionary Psychology (2001).epub